Sunday, March 10, 2013

spring training

It's that time of year! I did a leisurely 12 miler in shorts and T-shirt, with six miles in the woods. The trails are all still snow-bound, but packed enough to be runnable. The sun is warm, the brooks are babbling, and the sky is very, very blue. I love early-spring running! In a week or maybe two it will be fantastically muddy in the woods, and I can't wait.

I haven't written about my winter racing season because it essentially didn't happen. I ran the needham new year's day 5K and managed a disappointing 17:45 in windy conditions. The week of the Derry 16 miler I found out I was taking a sudden visit to Seoul for work--super exciting! But the down-side was that I desperately needed Derry sunday to stay home and work on a presentation. Then the OFTM was cancelled due to a winter storm, which spared me the embarrassment of wheezing through it (Korea+epic blizzard had left me pretty feeble, aerobically speaking).

I just wrote out my spring training plan for 2013, culminating in the Amica Ironhorse half marathon in my hometown, Simsbury CT. I attempted to run this in 2012 but wound up getting hurt a few weeks prior and having to DNS. I think I can run a way-faster Half than my current PR of 83:20, so maybe this will be the year.

Other races: hessco st patrick's 5k (3/16), JJR 10K (4/28), Gilio 5K (5/25)