Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Mental state required to sign up for a marathon:

1. Manic Optimism. I ran 7 miles today, and my Achilles only hurt a little! It'll be fine..!
2. Amnesia. It's been over a year. I really don't remember what those last 6 miles felt like. 
3. Determination. Forget the last two marathons. This time I'm going to run to my potential. 

And so, after much dilly-dallying and internal debate whether to run a marathon this fall and if so which one, I have put my marbles on the table and signed up. I'll be running the Baystate Marathon on Sunday, October 21st. And I'll be chasing that 3 hour time. It's not a hard pace. The game is just to run that pace without exploding. 

I have some new theories about marathon preparation I want to experiment with over the next three months. I'll attempt to keep this blog updated with my progress as I explore them.