Thursday, December 6, 2012

Winter Racing Schedule

I just signed up for my winter races! They are:

1/1/13:    Needham New Year's Day 5K
1/27/13:  Derry 16 Miler
2/17/13:  Old Fashioned 10 Miler

I haven't ruled out running the Hyannis Half Marathon (2/24), but I haven't put down money on it yet. Sadly, no Martha's Vineyard 20 Miler this year--the same weekend as the OFTM. I know some people who routinely double-header (Don!) but that's too hard core for me.

I raced in the GNRC club race last weekend and finished in 17:27 or so, a pretty slow time compared to last year. I lost to an HFC fellow who happens to be the landlord of one my coworkers. Not to take anything away from his race, which was excellent, but man! I was feeling the rather casual approach I had been taking to training following my marathon.

This is why I love the Club Grand Prix, though. Without it, I would hardly ever go and run a race without being really prepared. But since the prix put it on my schedule, I went and ran it, ran subpar, and felt inspired to pick up quality training again and get as fit as possible for the Needham 5K.

During my 9 miler this morning I realized that summer of 2015 will mark 20 more or less continuous years of running, and that I should totally commemorate that on my blog when it happens (a little early, but I like to plan ahead). Then I thought: why wait?

So here's to 17.5 years of running! I am very grateful to have made it so far without any major problems. Hips, knees, feet, all in order. Knock on wood, I'll have still more years ahead of me then have already gone behind.