Saturday, July 13, 2013

dodging cyclones while naked

A little while back, while it was very hot in the waking world, I had a vivid dream. It seemed to me that I had just run through a the center of a little town, and had moved out onto a lonely highway surrounded by golden fields and the red-gold colors of autumn forest in the distance. I was only wearing my underwear; no clothes, no shoes, and the pavement was warm against the soles of my feet.

As I made my way down a long hill, however, I noticed the clouds beginning to move in a funny way. It was as if whole patches of sky had suddenly decided to start rotating clock-wise. As I drew closer, still running easily in the margin of the road, funnels stretched down from the centers of those rotating clouds and slammed into the ground, blowing up huge plumes of debris as they stalked across the fields toward the highway.

I felt a sudden prick of fear and turned around, running hard back up to the top of the hill, where I re-entered the little town. It was now deserted, which struck me as eerie. I felt that I had probably escaped the cyclones, but I still had a hunted feeling, and so I ran down another side-street.

I hadn't gone far when I realized the road had taken me into a notch between two mountains. Huge flanks of stone rose up to either side of me, decorated patchily by scrubby alpine firs. As the road dropped slightly, I saw that it led to an unlit tunnel, burrowed through the base of another mountain.

I was just about to enter the tunnel when I woke up.

The main thing that stayed with me after the dream ended was how good running felt. This is what my subconscious does while I'm in a recovery period from an injury, apparently.

As an update on that injury, by the way--I'm coming along fairly well. I've been doing this plantar fascia stretch regularly and it seems to be helping (along with a lot of wall stretching, and habitually dorsiflexing my foot whenever possible). I ran a whole six miles today! (I know, right?)  I think that I've rounded the corner on it, but I'm not quite ready to do the victory dance yet. The main danger now is picking up some compensatory injury while my left foot is still weak.

I hope to put myself back on a schedule next week, but it will probably still be a few weeks before I do any speed-work, sadly.